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2010 Secure Examination Pass Rates

Category Number of
Percent Pass
All candidates 188 83%
First-Time Takers 154 91%
Repeat Takers 34 47%
USA/Canadian Graduates 147 88%
International Graduates 41 66%
ABIM-Certified 100 80%
ABP-Certified 78 85%
Both ABIM & ABP-Certified 10 100%
Recertification (MOC)    
All candidates 100 96%
Time-Unlimited Certificate Holders 2 100%
Time-Limited Certificate Holders 98 96%

2011 Calendar -
Key Dates


View the dates for the 2011 secure Certification and Recertification examinations.

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The Many Ways That ABAI Stays Connected to Serve You

ABAI Communication Methods

ABAI staff is always thinking of ways to better communicate to keep candidates and diplomates informed about the Certification and MOC process. Find out the range of methods used to keep you up-to-date on program developments, exam results, fees and deadlines. (read more)

FAQs - Focus on MOC Participation

What does it mean to be "Participating in MOC?" What happens if I decide not to participate in MOC? View some frequently asked questions about CME credits for the ABAI MOC program. (read more)