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Update on ABAI Maintenance of Certification Program


New Program Benefits:
• ABAI-Continuous Assessment Pilot Program will be implemented in January of 2018.
• Clinically focused and more convenient.
• No proctored, secure examination at an examination center.
• At your own pace, where and when it is convenient.
• No high examination fee.
• Program will remain a 10-year program with two five-year cycles.
• Continuous lifelong learning and self-assessment to keep skills clinically relevant.
• Diplomates will be required to answer approximately three questions for each of ten journal articles in each cycle.
• The articles will be posted in January and July and remain open for six months.
• The articles can be printed or downloaded for review.
• The questions can be answered for each article independently.
• Diplomate feedback on each question will be required. Diplomates can help guide questions and articles by relevance to their practice and how confident they are with their answer.
• This is “open-book” with a total of approximately 80 questions per year.
• Mostly article-based with some core questions during each six-month cycle.
• An average score of 80% must be attained to pass each five-year cycle.
• Opportunity to drop the two lowest six month cycle scores during each five-year period to allow for unexpected life events.
• Ability to complete questions by using the new diplomate dashboard via the existing ABAI Web Portal page.
• Conveniently complete questions on PC, laptop, MAC, tablet, and smart phone formats.
• Diplomates not participating or those not maintaining a passing score will be provided a re-entry pathway which will include a secure, proctored examination.

Financial impact of this change:
• In recognition of the effect and timing of the new program for those required to take the last secure examination in 2017 the board will reduce the examination fee by 50% to $1300.
• Beginning in 2018 the annual MOC fee will be set at $400. This is less than the current 10 year cost of MOC which is $4100 ($150/yr x 10 years + $2600 exam fee)
• Annual fee structure saves diplomate $100 over 10 years.

ABAI has made these changes in response to feedback from diplomates and through consultation with stakeholders and other ABMS member boards currently implementing or planning to implement continuous assessment programs to replace their 10 year secure examinations. The Directors feel this new program is more responsive to current practice realities, builds upon adult learning theory, and is designed to appeal to those diplomates with time un-limited certificates who may enjoy and benefit from this new process of knowledge assessment. Those with time un-limited certificates will NOT put their certificate in jeopardy by participating in the continuous assessment program and are encouraged to participate.

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