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Important Dates 2018

View Continuous Assessment Program (CAP) Pilot Qualification Exam dates / details below.

Date Event
January 1 Exam Registration Opens
April 30 Registration deadline before late fee applies
May 1 Registration late fees apply
May 31 Registration closed
August 7 Registration test site opens
August 31 Cancellation deadline
September 10 Application documentation due
October 1 Exam start date
October 5 Exam end date
December 1 2018 exam results released

Calendar last updated Jan 2018

NOTE: All dates refer to the timestamp deadline of 11:59 PM EST for electronically submitted material and receipt in the office for physical documents.

Cancellation Policy: NO refunds will be given after the cancellation deadline.
If you have any questions, please contact the board office via phone (215-592-9466).

CAP Qualification Exam

Date Event
January 1 Registration Opens
March 31 Registration Closed
June 4 Cancellation Deadline
June 11-12 Exam Dates
July 31 Examination Results