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2022 ABAI Calendar

Date Event
January 1CQE Registration Opens
January 1Cert Exam Registration Opens
January 15CAP 2021 – Block 2 Closes
February 15CAP 2022 – Block 1 Opens
March 15Continuous Qualification Examination (CQE) Registration Deadline Before Late Fee Applies
April 30Cert Registration Deadline Before Late Fee Applies
May 31Cert Registration Closed
July 15CAP 2022 – Block 1 Closes
August 1Registration Test Site Opens for Cert
August 15CAP 2022 – Block 2 Opens
August 20CQE Registration Closes
August 31Cert Cancellation Deadline
September 17CQE Cancellation Deadline
September 24CQE Exam Date **
October 3Cert Exam Start Date
October 7Cert Exam End Date
November 30CQE Results Released
December 12022 Cert Exam Results Released

** Exam date is subject to change due to COVID vaccination

Calendar last updated December 2021