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2021 Update for ABAI COVID-19 Accommodations


Nearly a year ago, the ABAI Board of Directors took a bold and early move to provide a series of accommodations in recognition of the barriers and duress both diplomates and certification exam candidates faced in the early months of the pandemic.

This included deferring MOC requirements and fee deadlines, and extending the CAP 2020 - Block 1 deadline. ABAI congratulates everyone on their resilience and feedback that helped shaped these accommodations.

The Board has been hard at work assessing the impact of the pandemic on training and clinical practice since that time. Overwhelmingly, diplomates and candidates have appealed to have options stay on schedule, in spite of the ongoing pandemic. All commitments from last year are honored. In addition, ABAI is giving full credit to all CAP participants for CAP 2020 - Block 2, which was canceled.

The 2021 ABAI accommodations update reflects vaccine and public health measure successes, which show signs of return to normalcy. The ABAI Board of Directors will continue to monitor pandemic impact, and adjust these accommodations accordingly.

The public can be reassured that ABAI's high standards have not been sacrificed while meeting the needs of its many diplomates and certification candidates during these unprecedented times.

Michael R. Nelson, MD, PhD
President, ABAI

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