Maintain Certification

CAP Re-Entry Pathway

Diplomates are expected to achieve a threshold score of 80% correct or higher for all questions in the top 8 of 10 blocks in each 5-year cycle (320 questions over a 5-year period from the top 8 blocks). The two blocks with the lowest scores, including up to two missed blocks (allowance for major life events, professional commitments, etc.) within the 5-year summative cycle will be dropped.

Diplomates who are not successful and those not participating in the CAP will be listed as “Not Meeting MOC Requirements” and will be subject to the re-entry pathway. In order to regain their status of “Meeting MOC Requirements” diplomates must successfully complete the re-entry Continuous Qualification Exam (CQE) exam and be current with MOC Parts; I, II and IV of the MOC program. Diplomates will not be permitted to participate in the CAP for credit if all MOC components are not current.